TNR at Les Roses Properties

On a path to engage our community and to work together to create an enriched, healthier and cleaner environment, LRRE and OCS Qatar has developed strategies to keep the community (stray) cat population within our compounds under control, so that residents may enjoy an organized and animal cruelty-free environment.

We work alongside the Government Department of Animal Resources on a TNR program (Trap, Neuter and Return). TNR programs are used all over the world to humanely control free-roaming cat populations, be it here in the Middle East, in Europe, or in the United States. Our TNR program means that the community cats that share Les Roses compounds are trapped, neutered and returned, the benefits of which include making them cleaner and healthier, and putting an end to anti-social behaviors such as spraying and noise, and unwanted litters, and also stabilizing the population which will then decline naturally. Due to the territorial nature of cats, this controlled population also creates a ‘barrier’ preventing new cats from moving into the compounds. We also work closely with animal-welfare group TNR Qatar, to assist in our ongoing TNR program; with this purpose funds are allocated to ensure the success of the program.

Discreet feeding stations supported by staff and residents help in keeping community cats away from public spaces and villas of tenants who may not be animal-enthusiasts. In addition we have explored the usage of cat deterrent devices and plants to ensure cat-free and clean public areas.

A database of tenants’ pets is created to identify them apart from the community cats during the retrieval process. Advance warning is given for retrieval sessions and it is recommended to keep pet cats indoors for their own well-being and safety especially during the retrieval process.
We feel that our TNR program is not only beneficial to the cats and our tenants alike, but is also educational in the wider sense – as a community issue, it’s about the choices we make, to be kind, to take responsibility for the environment around us, and it’s about teaching new generations to make effective, wise and sustainable choices too.