Les Roses Real Estate develops and owns a distinguished portfolio of residential and commercial properties across Doha. For over ten years, we have been serving the expatriate community in Qatar offering a wide range of housing solutions with the highest quality and professionalism. 
Our properties offer luxury, affordability and security. In addition to our renowned real estate and facility management services, our tenants enjoy endless possibilities of indoor and outdoor recreational activities in a tranquil and safe environment.

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    As a flagship of sustainability in Qatar, this state of the art LEED GOLD certified building design maximizes energy efficiency and reduces negative environmental impact and carbon footprint. Top... more

  • Les Roses 1 Compound

    Les Roses 1 Compound

        Les Roses Community is vibrant, active and environmentally friendly. With a selection of educational and sports activities. Les Roses lifestyle guarantees a fun and homely... more

  • Les Roses 2 Compound

    Les Roses 2 Compound

        Adjacent and connected to les Roses 1 compound, Les Roses 2 compound features 46 villas of 316 m2 each in a green and well maintained environment. The compound privileged... more

  • Les Roses 3 Compound

    Les Roses 3 Compound

    This exquisit complex comprises 130 villas of 5 bedrooms located in the vicinity of Villaggio Mall and Aspire Zone. Les Roses 3 Compound features a unique modern design that displays a... more

  • Les Roses 4 Compound

    Les Roses 4 Compound

    Les Roses 4 compound contemporary design delivers the perfect family environment within a safe and luxurious ambiance. A total of 31 villas with wide roads are sketched out enabling a comfortable... more

  • Les Roses Apartments

    Les Roses Apartments

    Les Roses property portfolio includes a range of modern buildings conveniently located in centric areas of Najma and Mansoura providing a perfect setting for small families. Entertainment is... more

About us



  At Les Roses our commitment to Sustainability and Community lifestyle are our main aim. A vast number of activities and innitiaties are continously been offered to our tenants. This inlcludes edducational workshops and best pratices application to protect the enviroment and to guide our new generations towards this goal.  

Community Activities

Community Activities

Les Roses Community is vibrant, active and environmentally friendly. With a selection of educational and sports activities, Les Roses lifestyle guarantees a fun and homely environment to all family members. At Les Roses Sustainability and Community are our main aim. You will find an array of fitness classes, tournaments plus fun suitable to each member of your family.



On a path to engage our community and to work together creating an enriched, healthier and cleaner environment, LRRE and OCS Qatar have developed strategies that keeps the cats population in the compounds under control while enjoying an organized and animal cruelty-free environment.